Friday, February 10, 2017

                                                            My Favorite TV Series
      My favorite TV series to watch is a show called Catfish. Catfish is about online dating and the victim is usually being lied to. Producers Nev and Max try and help these people meet their loved ones or discover the truth behind the person behind the screen. Most often the person the victim is talking to uses another person's pictures as a mask to hide their own identity. What Nev and Max do is they investigate the profile in a result to discover the true identity of the person behind the screen. After the investigation is complete, they report back to the victim. Once they find out who the real person is, they reach out to them in hopes that they will agree to meet up. After this step, Nev and Max along with the victim, fly to wherever the person is located. Once together, the victim starts to ask questions to ultimately reveal the truth. Finally the main purpose of the show is that although the internet could be beneficial, it can also be very dangerous.

        Furthermore, I enjoy the show because I am a sucker for suspense. For example, there was an episode where me and my sister were so confused and we had so many ideas regarding who could possibly be the person the victim was talking to. However it turned out that the victim was talking to her cousin. At this point, that was the last thing me and my sister expected and we were so surprised. Apparently, the reason behind the cousin doing this was because it was a way to get back at something the victim had done to her cousin. Moreover, the show's suspenseful atmosphere does an outstanding job of keeping the audience intrigued as well as entertained.          

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