Monday, September 19, 2016

To begin with, I live in a small town called Fortuna. The county has a lot of outstanding scenery like the beach, redwood trees, and breathtaking views from mountain tops that allow you to look as far as the eye can see. Its also a very rural town which means that its quiet and calm. The county is full of life as far as having a lot of greenery and overall a safe place to grow up. In conclusion, if you're tired of the city and you're looking for peace and quiet, Fortuna is perfect for you.

   A thing I would change however is maybe add something to do. For example an amusement park or a boardwalk. It would definitely change the way of life because people would spend more time with their family. Another thing I would change is the weather. The weather here is quite horrible. Its usually about 60 degrees with wind so it gets really cold. I would rather us get more sun year long even though some people cant even withstand 70 degrees. All in all despite the weather and how boring it is, I love my town for the simple fact that its where I grew up and it will always have a special place in my heart.